CPHIOW Service Checklists

Our aim is to enable greater transparency with respect to CPHIOWs decision making with respect to service commissioning.

The RAG (red, amber & green) rating review is performed and agreed by the CPSC Services sub-committee for each newly proposed or re-commissioned service

The Service Checklist provides guidance and/or recommendations to contractors on whether to participate in each service. It reflects the key questions that are asked and assessed by the CPHIOW Service sub-committee with regard to the proposed service.

Each criteria question is RAG graded with comments made where appropriate. Once completed the overall service proposal is then RAG rated with respect to the CPHIOWs recommendation for participation and support of the service as follows:

  • Green - fully recommend and suggest participation by all pharmacies.
  • Amber - recommend but aware that some reservations, pharmacies will need to assess willingness to participate individually.
  • Red - not recommended and suggest pharmacies do not participate.

The overall RAG rating is shown on the front page together with any recommendations that the LPC would like to be considered for revision prior to commissioning. There is a section below this for the commissioner to reply and respond to any points raised to the Professional Services Development Manager.

The next step is to publish each 'Service Checklist’ to our pharmacy contractors 10 days (or another suitably agreed time period) after sending to the commissioner. We ask that a prompt response is made by the commissioner to us, and we make appropriate amendments to the checklist where revision has been negotiated and agreed.

Finally the service checklist is posted on our website and emailed directly to all applicable contractors, showing on the front page:

  • overall CPHIOW service rating.
  • recommendations that CPHIOW asked to be considered for revision prior to commissioning.
  • Commissioners response to the recommendations.