eRD - Electronic Repeat Dispensing

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Wessex AHSN have produced the latest 'Meet Mo' video where Mo experiences eRD.

Meet Mo eRD video

You may also find this video produced by NHS Digital useful. It helps to explain the high level process behind electronic repeat dispensing (eRD):

Electronic Repeat Dispensing handbook - August 2018

This handbook has been designed to act as a ‘quick reference guide’ and as a point of reference for staff in GP practices and community pharmacies to help resolve common problems and make the most of the NHS Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD) service.

It is a working document and will be updated and amended regularly by Wessex AHSN under the guidance of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight eRD steering group.

A copy of the published handbook is attached here (eRD handbook - August 2018), or for the most up to date on-line version available, please download from the Wessex AHSN website:

Electronic repeat dispensing saves time for patients, GP practices and pharmacies - Spring 2018

A series of collaborative workshops were rolled out across all parts of our geography during April and May 2018. Details of these six events was announced in the following CPSC news item.

In preparation of attending the eRD workshops, it was recommended to have a look at some of the resources currently available to boost you and your teams knowledge and understanding of eRD.

  • NHS Digital electronic pharmacy bulletin - you can subscribe to this by clicking here
  • Online eRD toolkits for dispensers - containing:
    • eRD Benefit calculator
    • video on how eRD works
    • list of the benefits of using eRD for both community pharmacies and your patients
    • registration to an available eRD webinar explaining best practice suggestions to make eRD best work for you
    • a range of tools - maximising toolkit, quick guide, full guide, presentation, patient guide and eLearning

It was great to see so many people attending at the six events held. There was a good distribution of representatives from community pharmacy, GP practices and the local CCGs and feedback from each was very positive. Our thanks go to Patrick Leppard (CPSC EPS Lead), Gary Mortimer (NHS Digital) and Deborah Crockford (CPSC Chief Officer) who attended and presented at all six events - well done to you all!

Slides from Patrick and Gary's presentations on the evening are attached below for you to revisit and check your understanding.