Pharmacy Signposting Information

Please find attached a one page guidance document that can be used as a poster, saved to your computer desktop or used just as a general reminder.

The links will provide access to sources of information and help you meet the requirements of this essential service. We have included a few links to sites that provide a wide range of different information. Of course there are many more and we have left space for you to add local information that you find useful.

  • NHS website - the one stop resource for health information plus finding and sourcing local services
  • Healthier Together – has information relating to children and young people for healthcare professionals, parents, carers, children & young people on the following website:
  • Healthwatch – from the national site go to “Find your local Healthwatch” in the A-Z list or search Town/Post Code. On the local Healthwatch websites, you can search “ Find a Service.” The local sites have links to the NHS website as well as local authorities, adult services, social care and support.
  • Charity Choice – where you can find details or charities and support groups


Please remember to record your signposting interventions where appropriate in a format that allows for follow up care and audit of the service.