CPSC Academy information

The Community Pharmacy South Central Academy organises development events for pharmacy professionals on behalf of CPSC

CPSC is delighted to be able to offer all contractors in Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth the opportunity to participate in the CPSC Academy.

In these challenging times, it has never been more important for community pharmacy and those involved in healthcare service provision to develop their capabilities and ensure they can be the best they can be. There are many opportunities as pharmacy professionals to develop, and you will find many local engagement events on our CPSC Academy Events calendar. In addition to events offered by CPPE, RPS Wessex and others, we will be supporting you with our Academy programme of four planned themed events each year; each one being available from five different locations across the Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth localities.

The purpose of the Academy is to:

  • Understand the important issues in community pharmacy affecting you locally
  • Have a sustainable and vibrant community pharmacy sector
  • Create a two-way dialogue between you and us, so that we can support you better
  • Provide an opportunity for you to network and collaborate to build your capabilities for the future
  • Support the effective implementation and delivery of medicines supply and pharmacy services
  • Optimise care for our patients

You can expect:

  • 4 Local Academy Group meetings per year in five locations – Basingstoke, Eastleigh, Brockenhurst, Portsmouth and Ryde
  • Meeting dates and arrangements to be communicated to all pharmacies and on CPSC website
  • Meetings which are engaging, motivational and positive
  • Content which will allow you to complete a CPD entry for GPhC revalidation
  • Development which will allow you to practically implement changes in your pharmacy with the whole team
  • To be involved in future meeting content development to include CPSC and CCG updates
  • Meeting outcomes to be captured and communicated within two weeks of the meeting by posting on our website

Our Academy series is being supported by Hampshire-based pharmacy training specialists, Pharmacy Complete

  • Pharmacists Deborah Evans and/or Michael Holden will be leading the events.
  • The programme, venues and catering will be funded by CPSC with potential support from the pharmaceutical industry. Where this occurs, we will advise you.

Look out for the dates in the CPSC Academy Events calendar and book in now to fully benefit from this development opportunity. We do hope that you enjoy attending Academy events and that they facilitate you being able to work at the top of your profession more of the time.

CPSC Academy events held and planned:

2018 - 2019

Event 1, May 2018: 'Pharmacy - Keeping our patients safe'

Purpose of event:
  • Understand why addressing medicines-related harm is so important
  • Know what your local GP Practices are doing to reduce medicines most likely to cause harm and how you can help (PINCER)
  • Keeping patients safe – the importance of mindset and culture (what can we learn from the aviation industry)
  • The impact of medicines-related harm; personal experiences
  • Why and how medicines-related harm occurs – prescribing, dispensing and patient-initiated
  • Practical ways to improve patient safety in your own pharmacy
  • How to complete your QPS Patient Safety report
  • What to do if an error occurs
  • Have a simple action plan to implement with your team
  • Complete a Revalidation CPD entry

An excellent evening and great start to the Academy series of events. Tools referred to and shared post event were:

A PINCH tool - useful for remembering key high risk medications

Blank Fishbone tool - useful for drilling down the 'Why' questions to determine root cause of issues and help action planning

Event 2, Sept 2018: 'Having Healthier Conversations'

Purpose of the event:
  • Be more confident to have conversations about potentially difficult topics
  • Make a difference to someone that they truly appreciate
  • Think differently about how you engage with people to support them to make a change
  • Obtain a recognised qualification*
  • More evidence for your HLP portfolio
  • Improve your customer’s experience leading to higher retention, greater loyalty and customer advocacy
  • Reduce stress about the role you play in supporting your patients/customers
  • Complete a Revalidation CPD entry; this learning is a great topic for Revalidation and we will guide you through how to do this.

Event 3, Nov 2018: 'Making Every Contact Count'

Purpose of the event:

  • Achieve your RSPH MECC accreditation [for those who attended in September and completed the e-learning modules]
  • A certificate of attendance will be available for those who have not undertaken the first module [we recommend you complete the e-learning modules prior to attending]
  • Complete a Revalidation CPD entry; this learning is a great topic for Revalidation and we will guide you through how to do this
  • Further consolidate your learning, developing skills in asking Open Discovery Questions to help move the conversation on so that an individual is more likely to implement a change.

Event 4, Feb 2019: 'Mental Health & Wellbeing'

Purpose of the event:

  • Understand more about common mental health conditions to be more mental health aware
  • Know how to signpost to local services and resources that enable people to help themselves
  • Develop the skills and confidence to work support others, including work colleagues
  • Learn how to support people in distress for example, those at risk of suicide, who have been bereaved, are having a panic attack or may be self-harming

2019 - 2020

Event 1, May 2019: 'Revalidation - Peer Review'

Purpose of the event:

  • Peer review is a key element of revalidation for registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in 2019 and beyond
  • In this workshop we will guide you through the requirements for peer review, connect you with a peer and facilitate a peer review
  • We will provide some hints and tips on coaching conversations, what a good review looks like and the opportunity to complete your actual peer review on the night
  • The focus for this will be around our key role in patient safety

Event 2, Sept 2019: 'Building Effective Relationships (transformation and integration)'

Purpose of the event:

  • Too often and for too long, community pharmacy has practiced in isolation outside of core primary healthcare and public health
  • The health and care landscape is changing rapidly through transformation and integration programmes and community pharmacy must adapt accordingly; integration is a key focus for the NHS
  • Those who have established effective professional relationships with other health and care providers and local commissioners have benefited from doing so. This does not happen by itself but comes from an understanding of local needs and building trust and relationships with others
  • This workshop will explore how to develop productive relationships with others, build trust and network through effective communication, leadership and demonstrating the right capabilities and intent

Event 3, Nov 2019: 'The new community pharmacy contractual framework – why, what, how and when!'

Purpose of the event:

To ensure you know:

  • why delivery of the CPCF is critical for community pharmacy’s future
  • what has changed and what has not:
    • short summary of key elements
    • priorities
    • timeline
  • how to plan and implement delivery (workshop session and shared learning and ideas)
    • PQS - quick summary with a hand out (Alison Freemantle summary) and revisit importance of local collaboration and engagement
    • MURs - deliver while we have it to maximise income and benefits with focus on the 2 targets
    • NMS - embed in practice and utilise TCAM
    • CPCS - key elements
  • the key enablers
    • workforce and delegation
    • engagement with others
    • premises/environment

Event 4, Feb 2020: 'Transforming Community Pharmacy Services in 2020 - Be More in Control and Feel Less Stressed'

Purpose of the event:

As the community pharmacy contract changes you will be required to deliver more services in addition to dispensing, frequently with the same or less resource.

The February CPSC Academy series explores HOW you can do this safely and effectively by:

  • using the skills of the pharmacy team
  • improving productivity
  • releasing time through operational efficiencies

Come along to network and learn from others to help build resilience and feel less stressed.

2020 - 2021

Event TBC, 2020: 'Creating Capacity and Capability for Service Delivery'

Purpose of the event:

  • Delivery of high-quality services in pharmacy (NHS, public health and private services) is becoming increasingly important for community pharmacy alongside providing the core dispensing and medicines optimisation services
  • At times, it can feel challenging to fit in services alongside a busy dispensing practice
  • We must create the time, space, knowledge, skills and capability across all in the pharmacy team
  • This workshop will explore the challenges and enablers to develop the required culture and opportunity, share best practice and case studies, to enable you to operationalise services without rushing around faster

Event TBC, 2020: 'Supporting Self Care'

Purpose of the event:

  • People taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and living well for longer are critical objectives of the NHS long term plans. This includes preventing ill-health through healthier lifestyles, managing chronic conditions better to avoid co-morbidities and supporting self-treatment for minor ailments.
  • The de-prescribing by the NHS of a significant number of medicines presents an opportunity for community pharmacy to take ownership of supported self-care and self-treatment and build this important aspect of our future sustainability.
  • We must embrace that opportunity by equipping our teams and our pharmacies with the right will, skill and environment to provide evidence-based, efficacious advice and treatment utilising our USPs - P-medicines and accessible care - and ensuring we offer high quality customer experience.
  • This workshop will explore the will and skill requirements and illustrate best practice