Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group

The Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group provides a forum for community pharmacy organisations, competitors in a commercial sense, to openly share and learn from each other.

They are a self-funded, self-created Group with a difference. They consider how learning from patient safety incidents can be applied across the pharmacy network and wider NHS, and then create the opportunities and resources to do just that.

The Group is made up of passionate community pharmacy Medication Safety Officers (MSOs) from across the sector, with representation from all community pharmacy chains with over 50 branches, as well as the National Pharmacy Association to represent independent pharmacies. It provides a forum for these community pharmacy organisations to openly share and learn from each other when things go wrong, as well as from other sectors and industries, so that we can collectively improve patient care and reduce harm.

They are coming up to their third year of collaborative sharing and learning now, and are looking to make the work more accessible and transparent to anyone who is interested! In this spirit, they have just published their priorities for 2018 at


Full details regarding this group and resources available can be read on the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group website

Follow their news and activity updates on Twitter at: @PharmacySafety

Contact them by email on: