EPS Resources

Primary Care Support England has launched a new online portal for Primary Care Contractors to manage their services. This replaces the current contacts and channels you use for ordering your NHS supplies and should now be used to order and track NHS supplies, such as secure and non-secure stationery, prescription pads and needles and syringes.

From 1st April 2016 all EPS stationery orders will be processed online via the Primary Care Support England online portal. Over time, it will become your main route for accessing additional primary care support services, including payments.

For a full list of services, please see the PCSE Services website

Each pharmacy will have received a letter from PCSE, in which you will have been supplied a code to enable you to register onto the portal and create an account. If you haven't received a letter please contact PCSE at pcse.england.nhs.uk/contact or call the PCSE customer service centre on 0333 014 2884.

For further help and advice there is a PCSE Help page pcse.england.nhs.uk/help/

Here is a link to Health and Social Care Information Centre website describing their use: http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/eps/dispensing/tokens

Once you are operating an EPSR2 service there will be occasions when patients arrive in the pharmacy but their electronic prescription does not! It is very important that GP surgeries and community pharmacy teams work collaboratively to resolve this for the patient in a timely way and without undermining the patient’s confidence on the service. The CPSC, in collaboration with the Portsmouth CCG and the LMC, have produced a guide to assist surgeries and pharmacies when prescriptions go missing.