Primary Care Support England (PCSE) Services

PCSE offers a range of administration and support services to GP practices, dentists, opticians and pharmacies

For a full list of services provided, please see PCSE Services

Phone: 0333 014 2884

For Pharmacy Claims (EPS monthly allowance and pre-registration training grants), please see PCSE Website

For Pharmacy Requisition Stationery Order Forms, please see PCSE website

For Market Entry & Consolidation applications and queries, please contact

  • Starting in April 2021, PCSE have announced that they are expanding their support services for pharmacy. As well as the current market entry applications that they already process, they will start to manage consolidation applications too - when two pharmacies within the same Health and Wellbeing Board wish to merge onto an existing site. As such, PCSE is changing the name of its 'Market Entry Service' to 'Pharmacy Market Management Services (PMMS)'
  • A new on-line form for making pharmacy applications has now been introduced. Details are in the following document: PCSE Pharmacy bulletin 2018.09