Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

PCNs were formed on 1st July 2019 and will become an important structure as they develop going forward. Details and useful links will be updated here as information becomes available

ACTION REQUIRED: Community Pharmacy PCN Declaration (September 2019)

To enable CPSC to facilitate and communicate most effectively across the many PCN groups in our area, we request that you inform us of the name of the PCN you have chosen to work with going forwards.

For some pharmacies this will be an obvious choice, however for others; covered by more than one PCN in your area, you will need to select which is your preferred PCN.

Please complete the following very short Survey Monkey questionnaire ASAP (and definitely by 25th October 2019). Your help with this will be much appreciated.

NEW - PCN spreadsheet (October 2019)

Attached below is a spreadsheet showing each individual pharmacy's declared chosen PCN, as well as those that have volunteered to act as PCN Lead. (latest update: 21/11/19)

Some PCNs have had more than one pharmacist volunteer to act as 'Lead'. CPSC suggest agreeing a single lead between yourselves where this situation arises. If this is not possible please contact CPSC for advice.

CPSC PCN Webinar (September 2019)

The PCN introduction webinar was hosted by Deborah Crockford, CPSC Chief Officer and can be viewed by clicking the following link:

Hampshire & Isle of Wight PCNs

Details can be found below: