‘Use the Right Service’

A new campaign, which helps people access the correct NHS service, has been launched across South West Hampshire and Southampton. Read on for more details...

‘Use the Right Service’ promotes alternatives to A&E for non-emergencies, such as home care, pharmacies, 111 and Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs), and is designed to support the reduction of pressure on A&E at Southampton General Hospital.

Over the coming months NHS West Hampshire and Southampton City CCGs will be promoting their integrated, cross partner campaign, via radio advertising on Heart FM and Smooth FM (you can hear the radio ads here: https://usetherightservice.com/ by scrolling to the bottom of the page), digital and social media updates, street and transport advertising, as well as spreading the message through the distribution channels of local partners, such as GPs, councils, schools, voluntary organisations and community centres.

Note: look out for a distribution of 100 A5 leaflets to all pharmacies in Southampton & South-West Hampshire shortly. The flyers will come with a covering letter explaining the purpose of this campaign

Use the Right Service has its own website – https://usetherightservice.com/ – and has been formed through a collaboration of 10 partners across the region:


NHS staff have an important role to play as ‘ambassadors’, to ensure that people access the right NHS service, receive the highest quality care and to ensure that A&E and 999 services are used for those that urgently need them.

Please promote the ‘Use the Right Service’ campaign with colleagues, friends and family. Feel free to follow on: