Two new electronic repeat dispensing (eRD) films for use by healthcare professionals

The films are an excellent resource that can be viewed prior to a meeting between the GP & CP team as it provides some great reasons and explanations on why more patients should have eRD prescriptions going forward

We are pleased to inform you that the two eRD films that Wessex AHSN have been working on for professionals (pharmacists and GPs) are now live on the Wessex AHSN website

The short film asks two GPs and a pharmacist to explain why they made the change to eRD and how everyone has benefitted from it with a reduction in workload and both improved medication safety and patient experience.

The longer film asks the GPs and the pharmacist to tell us their experience of implementing eRD: the challenges, the benefits and why they would never go back

Here's also a reminder of the previous produced Meeting MO animated film that provides a patient interface explanation of the eRD service