Carers Week: 10th - 16th June 2019

Carers Week is an annual campaign which aims to raise awareness of caring and the work carers do

This year's event will focus on coming together to build communities that support carers to stay healthy and connected. To find out how your pharmacy team can get involved, check out the following PSNC information and resources links:

What can be done locally?

Community Pharmacies are the ideal place at the heart every community where we can raise the awareness of all Carers to stay well this winter. It's vitally important for Carers to stay well and be able to continue the great work they do in looking after someone. Therefore in preparation for this years winter season, our objective must be to inform and encourage all eligible Carers (non-paid) to book in for their free NHS Flu jab at their local community pharmacy or GP surgery.

By each Carer having their flu jab, they reduce their own risk of contracting flu as well as reducing the risk of transmitting it onto the vulnerable person whom they look after. In this way more people will be protected from flu and therefore will be more likely to stay well this winter.

Our ask to all Community Pharmacy sites across Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Portsmouth are to:

  1. Brief your team on the forthcoming Carers week. The following link gives full information:
  2. Downloads and resources available for individuals or organisations to make the most of Carers Week
  3. Share your activity successes on Twitter and Facebook so please follow and join in.

... then link your Carers week conversations to the first step of your flu season preparation for 2019:

    1. Brief your team on the eligibility of Carers (unpaid) to have a free NHS Flu vaccination.
    2. Print the attached adapted Flu poster 2019 (below) and display it in prominent places within your pharmacy.
    3. If you have room, place the other poster (also below) beside the Flu poster 2019.
    4. Have conversations with Carers to encourage them to book in for their Flu vaccinations this autumn (Sept onwards).
    5. Use the Caring brochure (also below) to as a reference source and to help answer queries.
    6. Why not take their details and make a Flu vaccination appointment for them.

Please print the attached posters for display during the week:

Useful reference source to print and keep available in your pharmacy for your team: