NHS Flu Service (Influenza vaccination)

Information and ideas to help you maximise opportunities for providing the NHS Flu Service in your pharmacy

The 'CPSC Flu postcard' drop down boxes below contains our week by week series of communications and additional information; providing weekly information updates and suggested tasks to complete in order to support your teams successful delivery this year.

Provision of Flu Service to Carers

The first opportunity to boost your patient numbers this year is by promoting the availability of free NHS Flu vaccinations to unpaid Carers during the forthcoming Carers Week. Click the link below for details of what you can do:

Carers Week: 12th - 18th June 2017

Provision of Flu Service to Care Home workers and Domiciliary Care workers

Details on the current provision status with regard to providing flu vaccinations to this new cohort of patients is contained in the following CPSC News item link dated 22nd November 2017.