UPDATE: Isle of Wight newly commissioned services

Following the excellent attendance at the Isle of Wight CCG & Public Health PGD engagement and training evening on 22nd March, here are some suggested next steps for all pharmacists to follow in preparation to deliver the new services.

More information to follow - updates will be added and notified to you as they become available

Over 30 pharmacists joined representatives from our local CCG and Public Health for an update on current services as well as some newly commissioned services due to come on line in April 2018. Almost all geographical areas of the island were in attendance, so hopefully there should be at least one pharmacy able to provide the full range of services in each town and therefore provide the best level of care for people going forward.

For pharmacists unable to attend the recent meeting, I have also included the presentations from the evening for you to look through, which will hopefully provide some background context and information about key points for the services discussed. If you require more information after reading the documents and presentations attached then please contact either Caroline Allen at Isle of Wight CCG or Richard Buxton at CPSC.

Each service document is listed below along with the 'CPSC Service Checklist' recommendation to providing the service. The Service checklist reflects the key questions that were asked and assessed with regard to the proposed service. Each question has been RAG graded with appropriate comments, which then determined the overall RAG rating for the service. The ratings are as follows:

      • Green - fully recommend and suggest participation by all pharmacies.
      • Amber - recommend but be aware that there are some reservations. Pharmacies will need to assess their willingness to participate individually.
      • Red - not recommended and suggest pharmacies do not participate.

Isle of Wight CCG commissioned services

Isle of Wight Public Health commissioned services

All services above use newly designed PharmOutcomes service platforms, all of which require an initial one off enrolment to be completed by each pharmacist intending to provide the service.
Enrolment confirms competency and completion of the required training needed to provide each particular service (including printing and signing each PGD, which must be filed safely at the pharmacy premises).

Other key issues:

    • Contracts are still being written as this information is published. They will be issued from the two commissioners shortly in due course.
    • All PGDs have been signed off and are now live and attached above.
    • Please find the necessary training requirement elements for each Public Health commissioned service listed below.....
      • Retraining of CPPE modules should be completed every 3 years
      • Declaration of Competence updated every 2 years

LevonorgestrelCollege of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) distance learning:

Ulipristal....... as above

College of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) distance learning:


College of Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) distance learning pack

Presentations from the PGD evening