Stay Well Pharmacy campaign being launched on 12th February

The campaign aims to raise awareness of the services offered by pharmacies, and to position them as the first place to go to for clinical advice and treatment for minor health concerns, such as coughs, colds and tummy troubles

The focus is on encouraging parents with young children to use community pharmacies. The aim being to increase their confidence and trust in the advice given by community pharmacy teams, and encourage them to use pharmacies rather than visiting their GP for minor health concerns.

Materials and resources will be delivered community pharmacies by your wholesaler. NHS England - South (Wessex) have also provided a couple of documents with some extra information about the campaign which I hope you find informative.

... also please remember to note your activity so that you can report your participation on PharmOutcomes at the end of the campaign.

NHS England - South (Wessex) will remind you in advance of the screen becoming available. A copy of a campaign return that indicates the information that you will be required to report on PharmOutcomes at the end of the campaign is attached here. Please DO NOT send this form to NHS England - South (Wessex).


A range of materials have been developed which can be used by the hospitals within your Trust to promote this campaign to the public. These include:
  • Posters and information cards
  • Social media tools
  • TV advertisement (with cut-downs for digital use)
  • A landing page on the NHS website

All these, along with further information about the campaign, are available to download and/or order free of charge through Campaign Resource Centre (CRC) from 12 February.

PHE encourage us all to utilise these assets within emergency care areas, hospital waiting rooms and all reception areas.

The impact of this campaign will be most beneficial if all healthcare providing localities promote exactly the same message and our reputation will grow with each patient treated or provided with advice to the highest standards.