Dementia Friendly Pharmacies Framework Engagement Catch-up Event

A final free engagement catch-up event is being hosted in Southampton to enable all pharmacies to achieve Dementia Friendly status. Register now if you didn't complete this earlier this year

NHS England - South (Wessex) Pharmacy Local Professional Network developed a Dementia Friendly Pharmacy Framework, with the aim of having 400 Dementia Friendly Pharmacies across Wessex by 31st March 2018. There are a number of pharmacies that did not complete this activity in time for the deadline, so NHS England - South (Wessex) are providing another opportunity for them to do so now.

To become an accredited Dementia Friendly Pharmacy, each pharmacy must attend the forthcoming engagement event in Southampton and then complete the framework by self declaration on PharmOutcomes by 31st March 2019.

Registration for the engagement event is free

Full details of the event are shown in a letter sent from NHS England to all eligible community pharmacies still yet to complete the framework; as well as within our CPSC Events calendar. From the calendar page, click the Eventbrite link button at the base of the page to directly register for a place on 10th January 2019.

Each pharmacy that attends the engagement event will be eligible to claim £100. A further £400 can be claimed on successful completion of the framework on PharmOutcomes.

Becoming “dementia friendly” will help you support your patients. A copy of the framework is attached for your information.

We hope you will find this an interesting and beneficial initiative for both yourself and your patients and we recommend registering for the event as soon as possible.