Vaccination of Frontline staff

Operational guidance has now been published to enable local planning to start for the vaccination of pharmacy teams


A letter has been issued to provide additional operational guidance on the immediate requirement to vaccinate frontline health and social care workers.

Further details, actions required  and a standard operating procedure for hospital hubs vaccinating health & social care workers are shared in the following NHS England and NHS Improvement document:

Additional information from Artur Pysz, Contractor Development & Support Manager, CPSC

PCN Leads have been encouraged to contact all the pharmacies within their own PCN footprint area and request the following information for each pharmacy:

  • eligible staff names and details including:
    • contact number
    • DOB
    • Surgery

Following completion of this exercise the PCN Lead will then be able to share this information with either the Local PCN Clinical Director to arrange vaccinations for staff in that PCN.


  1. The process may vary from PCN to PCN, for example in some areas the local CCG is taking a more central approach and coordinating vaccinations on behalf of the PCNs within their CCG area. The key thing is for each PCN Lead to check out the process within their locality, so that all Community Pharmacy teams are vaccinated as soon as practically possible.
  2. Having a prepared list of eligible staff for each PCN will speed up the process of vaccination when this starts to occur in your area.
  3. Some PCNs have already completed this exercise, so if this is the case for your PCN then there is no further action.