OPEN NOW: Hampshire County Council Public Health Services Consultation 2021

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Hampshire Public Health are working with partner organisations to identify potential new ways of working within its budget.

Proposed changes affect services in the following four areas:

  • Substance misuse treatment;
  • Stop smoking (known as Smokefree Hampshire);
  • Sexual health;
  • 0-19 Public Health nursing, which includes health visiting and school nursing.

Hampshire County Council would like to hear your views on the options for change, to understand the potential impacts should the changes be adopted and to invite other suggestions on how savings could be made. Your feedback will help to inform decisions by the Council in late 2021 to take effect April 2022.

How to take part:

An Information Pack can be found at this link:

The consultation Information Pack provides further detail about Public Health services in Hampshire, the four areas under consideration and the options for change.  

For further details, please contact the Consultation Team by Email:, or by Phone: 0370 779 8102.

Completing the Online Consultation Response:

The online response to the Hampshire County Council (HCC) Public health Consultation will take approx.. 20-30 mins (depending on how much you write!)

Most questions are a scale strongly agree – strongly disagree.

There is a free type box for each service Smoking, Substance Misuse, Sexual Health.

Things you may want to consider when making your response:

Stop Smoking Services

  1. The closure of community clinics will potentially drive an increase in service users to use pharmacy – especially in the locations where clinics are closed. Does pharmacy have capacity to increase number of patients?
  2. Stopping GPs prescribing NRT – some quitters may choose to use another method of support such as an app or other online source and stopping the NRT unless they are using Smokefree Hampshire support service removes that patient choice.

Substance Misuse Services

  1. Closure of clinic could lead to more queries presenting themselves at pharmacy. Are the correct communication channels in place to ensure smooth transition of clients and sharing of information to community pharmacies to be able to answer client queries.
  2. Is there a central point of access for healthcare professional supporting the clients to enable a quick response to front line staff.
  3. How will the satellite clinic be advertised?

Sexual Health Services

  1. Access to EHC services are time limited and patients want access there and then – any delay could lead to stress and anxiety.
  2. Most current EHC service activity occurs Fri – Mon when most clinics and GP surgeries are closed.
  3. Restricting access for those 25 and over but on limited income (who could not afford to purchase OTC) is increasing health inequalities and could lead to more unplanned pregnancies.
  4. Expecting GP surgeries and Out of Hours doctors to see these patients at short notice is putting more pressure on an already overburdened system.
  5. This service could be made similar to some of the local Minor Ailment Services by making available to those 25 and over who are exempt from prescription charges due to income based reasons.