Flu Training for Pharmacists frequently asked questions

- includes an update on the (not new) requirement for new immunisers to have a period of supervised practice. For more details, please read on ...

PSNC have published a series of frequently asked questions regarding training requirements for flu vaccination.

In particular the issue of supervision for new immunisers is answered to give you more clear guidance on best practice in preparation for this years flu season.

The supervision period (when required) should be with a registered healthcare practitioner who is experienced, up to date and competent in immunisation. This allows demonstration of the skills taught during training, as well as the opportunity to identify whether any additional training is required during the suervised practice, undertaking the further training and then reviewing the individuals DoC accordingly.

The full list of FAQs as well as many other resources available are on the PSNC website: https://psnc.org.uk/our-news/flu-vaccination-train...