UPDATE: Transfer of Care Around Medicines (TCAM) - Southampton service

Over 1,200 patients have now been referred using TCAM at UHS since September 2017. Please read on to see how things are going...

TCAM - Enabling closer working between the hospital discharge team and community pharmacies

The TCAM service at UHS continues to develop as each team involved becomes more familiar with its use on a daily basis. We have seen a sharp rise in the numbers of patients referred since the first test patients were entered almost 9 months ago.

Our ambition now is to embed the use of this into the everyday behaviours of everyone involved in looking after discharged people, enabling an even greater positive effect upon their health outcomes.

It therefore remains vitally important for pharmacists from both in and around Southampton to ensure they all provide and maintain a consistent and fantastic experience to the many discharged patients using this service. By doing so we will help maximise the benefits of working collaboratively across our different healthcare sectors.

The following infographic shows progress to date: TCAM use at UHS 2017-2018


Do you need a recap?

If you are new to this area or community pharmacy and would like to re-cap on how the TCAM service works, please read the following CPSC Update information, which contains links to all available resources: UPDATE INFORMATION – TCAM service 2018.02

Full information on the TCAM service at UHS can also be seen at: https://www.cpsc.org.uk/professionals/forms-contacts/southampton, by scrolling down and then opening up the TCAM drop down box.