Public Health England campaign to cut people's excessive calorie intake: '400 - 600 - 600'

Here's a great resource to share with your team and patients to support the work you do in being a Healthy Living Pharmacy.

The campaign is part of the over-riding 'One You' initiative, and focuses on '400-600-600' which represents simple and clear guidance about the number of calories adults should be aiming to consume at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The advice highlights that you can eat a little healthier when you are out and about if you follow the simple tip - aim for around 400 calories for breakfast, 600 for lunch and 600 for dinner.




The campaign aims to inform, energise and engage millions of adults, especially those in the 40-60 ‘mid-life’ age group, to make changes to improve their own health by eating well, moving more, drinking less and quitting smoking.

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