OPPORTUNITY: Diabetes Focus Pharmacy Framework & supportive engagement events

A number of events are being hosted across Wessex to help support and enable all pharmacies to achieve Diabetes Focus status. Register for your preferred venue and date once these are confirmed, but start work on the framework now to ensure completion

Following the success of the Dementia Friendly Pharmacy Framework in 2017/2018, NHS England South (Wessex) Pharmacy Local Professional Network has developed Diabetes Focus Pharmacy Framework, with the aim of having 400 Diabetes Focus Pharmacies across Wessex by 31st March 2019

To become a Diabetes Focus Pharmacy you will need to complete the framework

To support pharmacies, there will be a number of engagement events held across Wessex at the end of February and early March 2019. Links to the NHSE letter with all of the required information to achieve Diabetes Focus status and a copy of the framework itself are shown below:

CPSC advise is for contractors to start completing work on the framework sections NOW; rather than waiting until after attendance of the events. Details of the event dates and locations are yet to be confirmed and there will only be a very small time window in which to complete the work post event if you leave it until then. We suggest therefore cracking on with it and then reviewing your completed answers after attending

** To receive remuneration, contractors must complete the framework by 31st March 2019 **

The NHS England South (Wessex) team look forward to seeing pharmacies at the events across Wessex and engaging with this exciting new opportunity

Please note:

  1. Initial comms was sent by NHS England South (Wessex) to each pharmacy via email to their NHS.net shared email account only. We are aware that many of you will have missed this, hence why we are repeating the distribution of all the information now
  2. It is not essential to attend the engagement event to achieve the Diabetes Focus status. If you are unable to attend the event, you can still complete and submit the framework and receive your £400 remuneration for doing so. There is an additional £100 remuneration per pharmacy however for also attending the engagement event