New diabetes education resource for healthcare professionals

This is a free resource developed by Cambridge Diabetes Education Programme (CDEP)

There are 1,000 free places available for two years provided on behalf of the Wessex Clinical Network

The programme has 5 levels and is therefore suitable for variety of staff ( HCAs, receptionists, students, psychologists, care workers, practice nurses, GPs, paramedics, diabetes link nurses, diabetes podiatrists / midwives / pharmacists……..)

CDEP is a competency-based online diabetes learning tool that supports all levels of healthcare practitioners demonstrate their diabetes knowledge and skills relevant to their role.

A variety of diabetes topics are available which in total currently amounts to 30 hours of diabetes study time.

How to register:

  • Access the website:
  • Click on the link: SIGN IN/REGISTER
  • Under NEW CANDIDATE REGISTRATION enter your EMAIL address, (this can be work or personal) and click CREATE ACCOUNT.
  • On the next registration page, choose a secure / memorable PASSWORD, then input the REGISTRATION KEY CODE: HIOWCDEP *

* If this code is not entered, you will be automatically passed to CDEP’s payment page. If this does occur, please contact CDEP for support.

What CDEP level should I register at?

CDEP has 5 levels (as per the UK diabetes competency framework):

  • Core the minimum level for staff who have any contact with people living with diabetes. Ideal for HCAs, receptionists, students, psychologists, care workers, etc.
  • Intermediate – perfect for staff who are not primarily responsible for supporting people manage their diabetes, but their role may impact on care e.g. practice nurses, GPs, paramedics, ward/care home/mental health/prison staff, HCAs trained to deliver enhanced diabetes care, podiatrists (not working in diabetes foot clinics), physiotherapists, midwives, pharmacists, etc.
  • Diabetes Specialist – ideal for staff responsible for delivering the majority of diabetes care in their setting or for staff starting to specialise in supporting complex diabetes care e.g. practice nurse, GPs, dietitians, junior DSNs, diabetes link nurses, diabetes podiatrists / midwives / pharmacists, etc.
  • Diabetes Expert – this level is for staff delivering intensive care to complex diabetes cases or delivering diabetes specialist support to other staff.
  • Diabetes Consultant - Suitable for staff delivering complex specialist diabetes care as well as responsible for workforce / business planning and diabetes clinical strategy in their region.

Once you have chosen a level, CDEP offers you all the topics and competencies that are appropriate for that level. Don’t worry if you choose the wrong level, you can easily change your level in the ‘my account’ section on the website

Other useful documents: