An excellent local reference source on childhood illnesses for both health professionals and parents use

'Healthier Together' ( is an excellent local website worth pinning to your desktop favourites

It's really important that pharmacists provide parents with clear consistent advice to both reassure them as well as making the best decisions with regard to the child.

The Healthier Together website provides safety netting and parent info sheets for a number of common minor illnesses (under pharmacist section on the website:

All you need to do is select the condition, then download a printable version of the information on that page to hand to the parent. The simple guide provides a red / amber /green status for symptom severity and then recommended actions of what to do based on this ranging from self care through to telephoning 999

Another useful website recommended by our local Paediatric consultant team is 'Spotting the sick child'

This website has been linked to the Healthier Together site for use by healthcare professionals and can be trusted to provide excellent advise for when dealing with unwell children. The site provides interactive learning and resources for helping healthcare professionals develop the different approach needed for children rather than when dealing with adults. You can register for free to gain access