ALERT: Independent survey for ALL Pharmacy contractors

The following survey is to review PSNC & LPC value to contractors. It's now important for ALL multiple group AND independent contractors to now take part and submit your responses


PSNC and LPC have initiated an independent review of their structure, representation and support roles.

The aim of the review is to ensure that PSNC and LPCs continue to provide value to contractors and where appropriate enhance this further.

The review is being undertaken by a team of academics from the Universities of East Anglia and Bristol. The data obtained from the review will be held by the independent review team and will not be shared in its raw form with the LPC and PSNC. It will be amalgamated before being presented in the final report.

Please note, this review is for Multiple group AND Independent contractors.


Below is the link to the contractor survey which is designed to enable you to provide your views on the PSNC and LPC and inform the final review report. A PDF and word version of the survey have also been provided (links below), so that you can read through and prepare your answers prior to submitting on-line if this proves helpful for you.

Please also be aware that your LPC (Hampshire & Isle of Wight) is known as Community Pharmacy South Central (CPSC) and when you complete the questions relating to CPSC on-line you will need to select 'South Central' as your choice

The survey is now open and will close on February 29th.

We would be very grateful if you could find time to complete this.